October blocks finished……..

Today I finished off the last of my October quilting bee blocks for the Sew Buzzy group. Mika asked us to make string blocks with some lovely bright fabrics. There were only two rules:

  1. The centre string to be white.
  2. At least one string for each block had to be from our own stash to add to the scrappiness.

Mika also provided us with an inspiration gallery to look at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15926543@N07/galleries/72157624893027851/

I was a little worried at the start as the blocks were paper pieced. Other members of the group were discussing problems they were having and talking about using starch etc. I have never used starch and wasn’t even sure where I would get some from let alone how to use it.

Anyway I decided to just go for it with no starch! I cut all the strings and started piecing. Overall the piecing itself was easy but I had cut the strips a bit thin so ran out of individual fabrics. Rather than having more than one string from the same fabric in a block I added a couple of extra Kaffe Fassett fabrics from my stash.

Learning from my fellow group members feedback I cut the blocks whilst still attached to the paper….

Next I removed the paper from the back. I did forget one thing which was to shorten my stitch length so the paper was a bit harder to remove than it should have been.

Finally I had my finished blocks and I have to say I think they came out really well – they seemed to keep their shape really well even after I had removed the paper. I might have a go at making something from string blocks myself….it is really quick and easy but gives an interesting block.

Finished string block back

This afternoon I popped down to the post office and sent off all my blocks…now I’m ready for the November challenges!!


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