The bat witch wins a prize…

As you may recall from an earlier blog I have been working on a Halloween costume for Cupcake Princess to wear to her friends party. Today was the big day…and despite some last minute wavering as to whether or not a cape was required we managed to pull off a costume.

Last night we decorated the black leotard with some bats that Cupcake Princess made from felt plus a few sequins. I also knocked up a little necklace made from some fabric scraps, a felt bat and a press stud.

Add a purple wig…..

………the some purple stripy tights and an inflatable broom and you’ve got a bat witch!!

It was all worth it as Cupcake Princess won the prize for best costume….and she got a lovely certificate with a best costume skeleton statue.

So I am now a mummy who is in the good books BUT it does mean I may be asked to make more costumes in the future so in the long run I may be a victim of my success!!

P.S. Couldn’t resist sharing the photo below….the evil side of my daughter……that look is like something out of the movie.



  1. Great costume!!! What a cute and colorful Bat Witch.

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