Working on a costume for a Halloween witch….

Today I have been working on Cupcake Princess’s costume for an early Halloween party on Monday. She has been adamant that I need to make her a costume….despite me offering to purchase various costumes at the party shop. She did let me buy some purple stripy tights, a purple wig and an inflatable broomstick but no costume!

I found a black leotard that she had previously for a dance show so I thought I would make a simple elasticated skirt out of some Halloween fabrics and add a fringe of black, purple and orange netting. The photo below shows you what it looks like…it looks better on but you can see how I have pieced it….there is a black net fringe that pokes out from under the purple one but you can’t really see it in the picture.

She can just pop the skirt over the leotard and with some stripy tights we have a costume. Cupcake Princess is making some felt bats to attach to the leotard and I might also add some sequins.


CP working on her leotard


I have also made her a trick or treating bag out of some of the fabric offcuts and some pieces cut out of a matching Halloween panel. I think it came out really well – most importantly CP loves it.


Front of the bag.....

Back of the trick or treat bag.....

Tomorrow I need to work on a witches cape and maybe some embellishments for a bought witches hat. Once I’ve finished it all I’ll take a picture of Cupcake Princess and see what you think of what we’ve put together.






  1. Queen Mother says:

    But where is the matching cape?? Every scary princess needs a matching cape!!

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