Something to carry my laptop in….

Aswell as making lots of bags for gifts yesterday I worked on a bag for me to use to carry my laptop in. I saw a pattern in last months Quick Quilts for a commuter bag which I thought would be perfect for me.


Commuter bag second down on the right.....


I already had some blue fabrics from the Woodland Delights range by Michael Miller fabrics stashed away waiting for the right pattern to come along. I decided not to put a flap on the pocket as I would be carrying a handbag aswell so it would just be extra sewing!

I found the pattern fairly easy……… apart from the fact that the fusible wadding in the handle went wrong so I have one padded and one non-padded strap.


Front of the commuter bag


Back of commuter bag.....

My laptop fits in the bag perfectly but I have one problem which is that my charger wont fit in aswell…had to pop that in my handbag when I went to work today. I suspect the bag will be perfect for carrying about my netbook and charger but I may have to make a larger bag if I want to put laptop and accessories in the same bag.


Laptop in the bag....

Overall I think it was a great project and I got some compliments for the bag at work so successful overall.




  1. Fantastic bag you’ve made!..I wonder if my husband want’s one 😉

  2. Queen Mother says:

    Can I have your Radley now?? Looks great.

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