A day of bag making…

The rest of my family have been out and about today (playing golf, going to parties) and I have had some peaceful time at home to work on some bag making projects.

I cut out some fabrics for some book bags a few weeks ago. I like to buy little mini bundles of fat eighths from Fabric Rehab and turn them into bags. It’s great because I never know what I’m going to get – sometimes I get some fabrics from ranges I have been coveting and sometimes I get some quirky fabrics. The fat eighths make bags that are just perfect for carrying books and rolled up magazines in so they should make some really good Christmas gifts.

Take a look at our tree of bags……I think there is a bag for everyone!


A tree of bags......



Dill Blossom bag



Owl Shopper



Dandelion bag



A good folks bag...



Pink owls......



  1. Good work! They are all gorgeous, but I particularly love the owl prints!

  2. Thanks…I loved the pink owl fabric but all I had was one eighth of it so its all gone now!

  3. I love the lavender and yellow bag! that fabric is gorgeous! anna maria?

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