What should you call a Christmas Russian doll?

Another Christmas project is starting to take shape. Whenever I am working on my projects Cupcake Princess avidly follows the progress and gets out her paper & pencil to come up with her own designs. Whilst I was working on finishing off the gingerbread angel she was sketching a picture of a very pretty Russian doll with a pocketful of baby Russian dolls.

As usual the potential item was going to be a stuffed Russian doll for her with lots of stuffed baby dolls but I managed to convince her that stuffed dolls was a bit beyond my ‘winging it’ skills…and I have already made her a Russian doll doll this year. Following a lot of discussion we agreed that we would make an applique Russian doll. An hour of fabric selection, tracing and fusing later and we were off.

This evening I have sewn a face onto the doll and she is finished…….

Now we have two questions – 1) What should we call her? 2) What do we make with her? Cupcake Princess’s initial ideas are Holly and a wall hanging for her bedroom.

Cupcake Princess has already been working on ideas for another Christmas wall hanging/quilt – I really must stop letting her looking at pictures on Flickr with me…it gives her too many ideas.


  1. Queen Mother says:

    Well done Cupcake – I love the design for the wall hanging but will there be any space on your bedroom walls? Now you will be able to design some hangings for my new house as well!!

  2. I look forward to the days where my Tsunami can start sewing with me instead of destroying the sewing space.

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