Gingerbread angel ready to fly away….

As promised I am ready to show you another one of my Christmas swap items – this time for the St.Nicholas swap.

The St.Nicholas swap requires some bigger items…. I used a pattern from Nancy Halvorsen for a gingerbread angel with a view to making a Christmas bag for putting my swap items in. I thought I’d take you through the process I went through last night and this morning because the project hasn’t ended up as planned.

Stage 1 – Finished the applique and embellishment of the angel.


Applique and embellishments completed.


Stage 2 – Added a red border.


Added the red border.....


At this point I looked at the angel and decided I really wasn’t sure whether I should make a bag with her…..she deserved to be on display. Replan time…we’re not making a bag, we’re making a wall hanging.

Stage 3 – Added a green border and got on with quilting the wall hanging.


Green border added and the hanging is quilted....


Stage 4 – Time to add some red binding.

Now the wall hanging is all finished…including hanging loops.

I just love the back of these projects when they’re finished….

I’m really pleased with my finished wall hanging….it is just so Christmasy. I suppose the big question is whether my partner will like her…she did say she had enough wall hangings but can that be true? If she doesn’t like her Cupcake Princess loves her so she can stay at home with us!


Gingerbread Angel




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