A snuggle rug for a poorly Cupcake Princess….

This weekend Cupcake Princess has come down with a horrible cold, sore throat and chest infection. To keep her busy I worked on a project using some fabrics we bought from a company called Worn and Washed a few weeks ago (http://www.wornandwashedfabrics.com/). The company specialises in fabric strips taken from old sheets etc…all nicely washed and cut up into usable strips. We mixed the Washed and Worn fabrics with some new fabrics (for some extra strength and colour) and made a snuggle rug (as CP calls it). Cupcake Princess has decided she would like to tell you all about the project so now I’m handing over to her…..

Here is my environmental friendly snuggle rug. Its made with reused flannelette sheets and the middle wadding is made with old green plastic bottles.

First we lade out the old flannelette strips and added some of the new strips to the quilt .

Laying out the strips....

Quilting in the stripes...

Next we sewed together the strips then we quilted the snuggle quilt so it would not be loose and baggy .

Finished off the quilting....

Add on some binding.....

When we finished quilting we did the difficult binding which mummy did because it needed precision. Mummy finished it after I went to bed when I got up I saw it straight away and tried it out on the sofa.

Do you like it? It is really snuggly and warm. My favourite pieces are the bright blue flowers. I also love the cute little chicks on the back because they are adorable.

Finished snuggle rug....front

Bird fabric on the back of the rug...

Wrapped up in my snuggle rug


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