Does practice make perfect?

So, does practice make perfect? Not for me. A few days ago you may recall I made a haunted house quilt to practice a for my Calendar of Houses October block. I was generally pleased with how it came out so started work on the proper block for my partner.

First I checked she was happy with a Halloween theme block, which she was. Next I thought about what was good and what was bad with the practice and came up with a little design.

Tonight I worked on the execution and to be honest….I’m disappointed. I really wanted a cottage with a witches hat roof but somehow it hasn’t quite come off right.

A witches hat cottage.....

I think it might have been better if the cottage had been wider and I had scrapped the Dracula and pumpkin. Looks like a bit more practice is needed…….



  1. I find it extremely cute, but then again I am very young at heart. I am not one for patchwork (don’t have the patience), but looking at your work I might need to reconsider. I love Halloween and I have got a skull pillow case entry coming up tomorrow, but that cannot compare with your work. Love it!

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