Everyone needs a holiday bag…..

This week my mum (the Queen Mother) and dad (the Shed King) have gone on holiday to Devon. I also went to Devon on holiday this year BUT my mum and dad only returned from a holiday in Italy 2 weeks ago! They wouldn’t normally have so many holidays but they both retired over the summer and decided they deserved a break now they have nothing else to do…….(yes my mum will tell me off for saying that as she still has 5 grandchildren to babysit for her grateful children!).

A few weeks ago I went on a bit of a road trip with my parents to visit an elderly aunt and we popped into Arundel in Sussex for a little potter around the shops. We came across a fab little shop called Fabric, Buttons and Bead….the lady who owns the shop was on holiday but her mum was absolutely lovely and looked after us. There wasn’t a huge range of products but they had some bits and bobs that I have been trying to get for a little while……primarily some Clarke and Clarke fabric with scottie dogs. Talking to the nice lady she mentioned that the shop did a lot of courses which were becoming really popular. I have checked them out and even though I can’t go myself as it is a bit of a way away from me there is a link below for anyone who lives in the area….the childrens workshops look particularly good.


Anyway, back to the fabric. I bought some of the same fabric in a different colour way a months ago. I made a really nice shopping bag which I now use for carting around my picnic rug, plates etc. My mum has been very envious of this bag and has kept asking me to make her one so of course I had to buy the fabric when I found it and she was with me. She asked me if I could have the bag ready for her Italian holiday. I was a very bad daughter and didn’t do it. My mum phoned last week to say she was going to call in for a cup of tea on her way to Devon and I knew that meant I would have to get on and make her bag or else I would be in the really bad books!!

You would have laughed if you could have seen me at 8am last Friday frantically cutting and sewing away. Luckily I had it finished 15 minutes before my mum turned up.

I really love the fabric it is so cute and for all you Radley handbag fans out there it really is a must have…..

Outside of the scottie dog bag

Inside the scottie dog bag...with a pocket for a phone and purse.

My mum was really pleased with her bag mainly because I don’t think she was quite sure whether I would remember to do it. I was amused as she was leaving as she has a nice new Radley handbag and now she has my nice new scottie dog shopper which I am sure is much cheaper than the branded bags that are available……

Queen Mother proudly showing off her bag.....

Queen Mother with both her scottie dog bags.....


  1. Very sweet of you and how pleased does Mum look.

  2. I love the bag – aqua and red always make me smile

  3. Queen Mother says:

    Mum was very pleased and it came in useful for carrying all the holiday purchases. I even went looking for fabrics for future projects I have ordered from the Patchwork Palace – Xmas will soon be here and Princess Skipalot could do with a quilt for her bed.

    I looked in Serendipity in Bovey Tracey but needed Cupcake to help me choose!!

    Serendipity is up for sale so I’ll dream about buying it with the Patchwork Queen and us running it together!!

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