September Buzzing

I have been working on some of my quilting bee blocks today. The first one I worked on was for Sew Buzzy. Quirky Granola Girl wanted us to make two Flying Geese blocks using her fabrics which are aqua, green, yellow and orange with a grey Kona background. The block was up to us as long as it used flying geese….there was an inspiration gallery to refer to:

I started off this morning by making a practice block using some of my Halloween fabrics as they were out on the sewing table. I actually didn’t find it too hard…having been a bit frightened when I looked at the examples!!!

Halloween practice flying geese block.....

Once I had completed the practice block I went for it and put together my proper blocks…and in fact ended up making three. I am pleased with them….hope Quirky Granola Girl will be too!!

Flying Geese blocks

I made a practice block for the Fresh & Funky Quilting Bee a couple of weeks ago. Crystal wanted us to make a spiderweb block which I have to say terrified me a little bit. I am always really impressed by the spiderweb blocks but they look a little bit more complicated to make than I normally go for.

My practice block actually came out ok…not perfect….but ok for a first attempt. If I squint my eyes it hides the off centre top and bottom triangles!

Practice spiderweb block for Sew Buzzy

I had hoped to make my proper block today but ran out of time. What I did do today was turn my practice block into a mat….Cupcake Princess wants it for her bedroom table.

Practice block mat....

I also made my practice flying geese block into a little Halloween mat for Cupcake Princess as she really loves that bat fabric.

Halloween mat from practice flying geese block



  1. I love those bats, they are so cute perfect for Halloween!!

  2. I love those bats, they are so cute & perfect for Halloween!!

  3. Hmmm..I think Halloween shenanigans have started early this year 🙂

  4. i love love love my blocks. i can’t wait to see them in person. the colors you chose for your spiderweb block are pretty fabulous, too.

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