Haunted House Quilt……..

I have spent the last few days carrying on with my Christmas applique projects but decided that today would be dedicated to a bit of Halloween preperation.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had joined a new quilting bee…Calendar of Houses….and I have been thinking about what to do for an October block. I’m thinking it will be Halloween themed so it would be a good idea to look at which fabrics would go together.

I opted to make a Halloween mini quilt, using bits of the Halloween fabrics that I have stashed away. I am really pleased with how all the fabrics have worked together although I have a few criticisms of my design…primarily the shape of the house.

I used fabric from various ranges – Pungkin Peers (bats & orange sashing), Boo! to you (house and characters), Witchy Stitch Owl (owls) and Haunted Mansion (background).

See what you think…….

Ground floor of the house in the woods....

First floor of the house in the woods.....

The spooky house in the woods......

Spooky house in the haunted woods......

Perfect size for hanging over the fire place....

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