Welcome to the North Pole…..

I am continuing to work on my Christmas projects. This week I thought I would share with you my North Pole house wall panel ….it is taken from a pattern called Welcome to the North Pole from Piece O’Cake Designs.

Left hand side....with Santas house on the right.

Right hand side...don't you love the candy cane house!

I fused it all last year and started work on the applique but had a lot left to do when it went into my to do box. I have dragged it out the to do box and have been working on it during my last couple of train journeys to work – I am hoping to have the basic applique finished very soon. Once that is done I will have to work on all the embellishments and writing…..

I just love all the houses. I have scouted around on Flickr and have found a few examples of the full quilt that people have done…take a look in my St.Nicholas swap gallery and my favourites.

This isn’t sewing related but yet again my sons (un)trendiness and slight madness astounds me!!



  1. Queen Mother says:

    It’s an improvement on some of his outfits – it fits and it’s not ripped, yet!!!!!! Must take after the Shed King with his Viking ancestors!!

  2. charityslamb says:

    Love your houses, they are adorable!

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