Sewing preparations for a school friend visit…

Tomorrow Cupcake Princess’s friend is coming over for tea and I have had to spend this evening working through a list of jobs.

1) Bags for keeping Jungle in my Pocket’s in. (Yes the girls are obsessed with the little plastic furry animals!).

2) Storage baskets for Jungle in my Pocket’s …to be used for the spares when playing Jungle in my Pocket’s.

3) Storage basket for Ocean in my Pocket’s.

4) Visitor place mat.

When you have a list like that you know it’s going to be a late night. We had to go into my sewing cupboard and dig some fabrics out….I also added some scraps I got from Fabric Rehab last week.

I’m pretty pleased with the end results – I finished them after CP went to bed but hopefully she will like them too! I added a few spares just in case I have got anything wrong.

1/2) Jungle in my Pockets Bags and Storage baskets….made from Robert Kauffman – Nature Studies Enchanted Rainforest.

Jungle Bags

Pair of jungle bags....

3) Ocean in my pocket storage

Fish storage basket

4) Visitor placemats……The first mat is made from Robert Kauffman fabrics – Remix and Urban Zoologie.The second mat is made from some fabrics I had stashed away and a piece of horse fabric I got in a Fabric Rehab scrap bag.

Owl placemat and coaster

Groovy horse mat and coaster

Horse close up

I’m worn out now from all that sewing…hope that CP and her friend like them after all that effort!



  1. Queen Mother says:

    Just love the jungle bags!! Cupcake Princess is going to love them too!!

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