Castle quilt top is finished…..

As promised the builders were back today to work on the castle gardens…..

Builders planning out the maze......

It is always difficult to choose the right materials…..but its even harder when you want the garden to go with such a magnificent castle! In the end we decided that all castles have to have a maze and that there should be some horse statues to decorate it.

Castle maze and statues......

The final piece to put in was a promenade for all the Castle Peeps….

Castle Peeps promenading in the garden....

Now that all the pieces are complete its time to look at the castle and all its outside areas…..

The finished castle quilt top....just waiting to be quilted

I haven’t decided yet exactly how to quilt this but it needs to be something that doesn’t distract from the piecing.

I have a few left over bits and pieces of fabric to use for the back and I am going to be making some finger puppets from the left over Castle Peeps. I thought I could put a little pocket on the back to keep the puppets in.

Cupcake Princess can’t wait for me to finish it off….she has really enjoyed working on the plan with me.

Just before I go I’ve got to share a couple of photos from my attempt at getting a picture of the whole quilt top. It looks like something from the Wizard of Oz with my sons striped feet sticking out under the castle!!!

The wicked wizard is dead.......

We may have some height but what about the other side!!!!



  1. Queen Mother says:

    Once again a stirling effort by you both!! Can’t wait to see it in real life – will it fit on my bed??? Perhaps it could replace my ongoing (over 8 years now) quilt!!

  2. It it just GREAT. I saw the picture on Flickr and had to surf in. I love all your piecing. I will say that I am partial to castle quilts as I also free-pieced one a while back for my daughter, but seeing all the lively fun in yours could almost convince me to make another for my son! Cheers, Riel

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