Castle construction complete

Well the castle builders have excelled themselves today. It seemed like it only took minutes for the second tower to be put up….

Tower Two is up

Can you see the dogs guarding the tower…..whoever can they be keeping locked away…..take a look at the top of the tower.

Looks like the boat got lost........

They seem to be serenading our guest in the top of the 1st tower….

The beautiful Rapunzel......

Well can you believe it the roofers arrived as soon as the towers were finished and low and behold the castle is built!!!!

Castle Construction Complete

Now the castle is finished we need to sort out where the serfs, chickens, horses etc are going to go. I will need to consult with Cupcake Princess in the morning and finalise our plans…..


  1. omg, I love it!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous work! You are so clever ladies!

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