Let them have music…..

The castle builders have carried on with their frantic castle building activity. We now have a second story and musicians gallery….no castle is complete without a musicians gallery!!

The ramparts have also been added so if the residents weren’t of a peaceful nature they would have somewhere to fire their arrows from. I suspect these ramparts will be used for flying the flags for carnival time…..

The musicians have arrived.....

Tomorrow we are hoping to start work on the castle towers. Now we have a dilemma….do we go Tower of London style and start adding queens for beheading and Princes for disappearing or should we have some friendly visitors. Being a lover of history I may not be able to avoid those Tower of London references – Princes in the foundations!!

Cupcake Princess is currently working on a plan for the castle outbuildings and surrounding area……..we may have a lot of serfs and….chickens!!!!!

P.S. For all the sensible adults out there….get yourself some Castle Peeps fabric and the Enid Blyton in you will come bursting out!!!


  1. Looks like too much fun can be had by all!!

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