Office Break Treats

I am lucky enough to have a colleague who loves baking…and makes good cakes!! Last week she baked me a lovely raspberry and lemon cake for my birthday. I brought the cake home and the children loved it.

I obviously need to thank her for the treat…especially as last week I took in a little storage basket for the guy who she sits next to keep the team tea bags in – and she was jealous!

I’ve whipped up a storage basket for her using Robert Kauffman’s delightful Metro Market teapots fabric (bigger then I gave to her colleague to prevent any negative comparisons from her!):

Teapot storage basket

Next I made her a little bag for her to bring her lunchbox into work…or any little snacks she may want to smuggle past the rest of us!!

Cutlery bag

I’ll take them into the office with me tomorrow – I hope she likes them. I want more cakes in the future……



  1. Lynda M O says:

    Cake rocks! Bags rock! You two have it made….

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