Calling all you quilting bee members….

I am a member of a couple of quilting bees and at some point soon I will need to decide on what the themes will be for my months. I have been looking around for inspiration but although I know what I like I need to decide whether it would work as a bee theme.

I have been looking around to find other people’s finished quilting bee quilts so I can see for myself what has worked! I have struggled to find that many though….I’m sure they’re there it’s just finding the right search criteria. I find lots of pictures of the blocks people have made but I am interested in the finished quilts not just the blocks.

I have decided that the best thing to do is create a space for sharing all those finished quilts and then I know where to find them! I have set up a new group on Flickr called Quilting Bee Creations:

I’m looking for photos of people’s finished quilts (good or bad) but I’m also looking for discussion around the whole process so that those of us new to quilting bees can understand what we’re letting ourselves in for! Hopefully it will making us better buzzy bees…..

So, if you have a finished quilt that you would like to share or any helpful tips please come along and visit the group. Please let your quilting friends know too as I really want to get this going as I think it will be a helpful source of information.



  1. Hey Vicky! Here’s another Flickr group for finished Quilting Bee Quilts …. just in case you want some more inspiration! :]

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