Cupcakes and icecreams for the little princess

I have been making some bits and bobs for Cupcake Princess recently using some leftover/offcut fabrics. I just love the Confections range from Robert Kaufman – the fabrics are bright and funky….perfect for little girls. You can’t waste off cuts when you love a fabric……

I started off by making her some new place mats so that I have spares for when the mat she made herself needs washing. For this the cupcake confections fabric seemed perfect. I have finished one, three more are still in progress but almost finished. I made them in two different sizes so that I have bigger ones for when the meal is really messy i.e. spaghetti bolognese!! (I may post a tutorial for how to make them as they really are easy and the children just love having their own personal mat).

Cupcake Place mat

Next I made a little purse/velcro pouch for CP to use with the icecream bag that we made a few weeks ago:

It isn’t a particularly posh purse but I did the best that I could with the off cuts that I had and she really likes it (she isn’t hyper critical of my work or I may stop making treats for her!!). I used some wadding and did some simple quilting to give the purse some structure.

Icecream purse

Inside the icecream purse

Finally I used a couple of slightly bigger icecream off cuts to make a little storage basket for her hair bobbles. I seem to find bobbles all over the place but never have any pairs when she wants bunches. I’m attempting to organise her but I’m not sure it will work. She does really like the little basket though and it is so easy to make. Again I used some wadding and simple quilting for structure but it only took a few minutes to put together.

Storage basket

Can you spot the not so deliberate mistake with the basket??? Yes, yet again I have used the fabric upside down. I keep forgetting this icecream fabric has a wrong and right way up…..I think it’s the sideways icecreams that make me forget.


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