Fairies, fairies, everywhere…

We have finished off our flower fairy quilt top today. Cupcake Princess was desperate to have some of Michael Millers Flower Fairy fabric the minute that she saw it. The choice of which fairy panel to go with was fairly stressful for CP as she really liked them all but I think her choice of the Cornflower Fairy was the right one as she is just so pretty.

Cornflower Fairy

Outer fabric close up 1

Outer flower fairy fabric 2

We have worked on the top together…I am in charge of cutting, pinning and any difficult sewing,  CP is in charge of the rest of the sewing.

Cupcake Princess sewing the fairy quilt

We have kept it fairly simple as the flower fairy panel is the main element of the quilt but we did some blocks for the corners to break up the outer fabric and stop it being too plain.

Corner block

Corner close up 1

Corner Close Up 2

I am really pleased with the finished quilt top – I think it is really pretty and we managed to make it big enough for a lap quilt without lots of difficult piecing.

Flower Fairy Quilt

I know the quilt is very girly and traditional – not my normal taste but Cupcake Princess who the quilt is for just loves it and has already been testing it out to make sure it is the right size.

Test driving the quilt top for size....

Now all I have to do is get on with the quilting. CP would like me to get the quilt finished today but I have had the flu for the past couple of days and don’t feel up to sitting in front of the sewing machine for hours. Looks like next weekend will be a busy sewing weekend…..



  1. What a terrific job you all did for that top; it’s beautiful and looks to be the perfect size. Congratulations on a job quite well done. I too love Cornflower Fairy’s shades of blue; I heartily endorse your choice! Love her til she has to be mended!

  2. so fun to be quilting *with* your daughter and just not for her!

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