A break in the clouds….

You may recall that I started work on my Rainy Days quilt a couple of weeks ago….


I have had a few hours to myself this morning so I have taken the opportunity to piece together the quilt top. I used 3 of each block size per row and pieced together 24 rows. The finished quilt top should be a good size for a child’s bed which is what I was looking for.

I am really pleased with how it has turned out – I had trouble taking a photo as it was too long to hang on the line so I took a sideways photo.

Rainy days quilt top.

I tried hard to keep the fabrics random across the quilt and not group them together too much which worked out well on the whole. I am really pleased that I incorporated the coloured blocks. When I first started I didn’t cut any of the colour fabric but I changed my mind and added it ….I think it breaks up the pattern and draws your eye across the quilt top.

I need to decide on the backing and binding now. I have 1 metre of the green raindrop fabric but I wont be able to use that for the binding as it’s too fussy. I think I may try to get some more of the green fabric to use for the binding. For the back I’m thinking of using the metre of raindrop fabric and surrounding it with plain yellow fabric. Need go and do some surfing now to see if I can get hold of the green fabric…….


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