My little star………

As I mentioned in my previous blog we have been on holiday for the last few days. On Monday we were in Bath and had a chance to nip into WHSmith and pick up the latest issue of Sew Hip. The magazine was stashed away in my bag and I didn’t have a chance to take a look at it until we were driving to our B&B later in the day.

Sew Hip Issue 20 September 2010

As usual the magazine looked like it had lots of interesting projects to do but I found something far more exciting than the projects…..when I got to the letters page there was a familiar little face staring back at me….Cupcake Princess!!

Sew Hip Letters Page

A couple of months ago we made some lovely little owls from Issue 17 of the magazine and posted a finished picture on Sew Hip’s Flickr group.

Our little picture was chosen as star picture of the month!!

Twit Two and Hoot

Cupcake Princess is just so excited!! She has phoned around her grandparents and asked them to buy a copy and my copy has been put away with her sewing project box as I am apparently not allowed to use it anymore. Now she is eagerly waiting to see what fabrics we get as our star picture prize. (I say we but I mean CP as there is no way I will be allowed to add them to my stash…they will have to go in her new Cath Kidston scottie dog suitcase – there will be more about that later in the week!).

If you want to know more about the projects check out the original blogs about making the owls:



  1. Congratulations to Cupcake Princess, she deserves the STAR as those owls really gorgeous!


  2. those owls are a real tweet

    congratulation too woo patchwork princess!!

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