Rainy Days

I have so many different projects on the go but I can never resist starting another one!! I had to buy some of Riley Blake’s gorgeous Rainy Days fabric when I saw it…..I just love those umbrellas. It has been in my stash for about a month and I have had it out several times to stare at it and ponder on what kind of quilt I could make.

Last week I finally worked out what I wanted to do when I read CluckCluckSew’s tutorial for a road trip quilt.


The quilt in question is just lap quilt sized so I am going to make mine bigger but using her pattern.

I have been busy cutting lots of 4×9, 4×6, and 4×4.5 blocks:

Rainy Days 4" strips

Rainy days blocks

All the blocks are cut......

I have spent a couple of evenings laying them all out on the floor working out a good layout – my husband thinks I’m slightly odd particularly when I spent about an hour the other night just staring at pieces of fabric spread all over the floor.

Close up of rainy days blocks

More rainy days

I’m still working on the layout but I’m sure that I will be happy with it soon…….. I just need to get past that hypnotic effect that makes my eyes go all spinny…….we’re like Mowgli and the snake in the jungle book!!!!



  1. Oh, i love that umbrella fabric, your quilt is going to come out so pretty!


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