Christmas in July – Christmas Quilt

I have been spotting all the current Christmas in July posts and thought I would share some of my Christmas projects…starting today with my Christmas quilt.

In the run up to Christmas 2008 I was working on a number of Christmas projects and decided to put together a Christmas quilt. I didn’t have a pattern so I drew lots of Christmas themed blocks, traced them onto fabrics, fused them and hand appliqued them. It was a bit of a tough project to complete but my daughter absolutely loved it. In fact all the children like it because of the Christmas characters and the little bells that I attached. The elf went a little bit wrong and possibly looks more like a pig than an elf  but I think the clothes distract you from the face a little bit.

I tried to incorporate all the bits that children think about at Christmas and I used lots of lovely Christmas fabrics – the more glittery the better.  It will be a Christmas family heirloom.

Christmas quilt

I have really struggled to get a good picture of the quilt – the one below shows the glittery green and navy fabric better.

You can see the fabrics and various embellishments that I used to make the blocks in the close ups below.

Santa Claus

Mrs Claus




Elf (not a pig!!!)





  1. that looks quilt looks great, i love the snowman! I’m also starting some projects for the fall too!

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