Present for teacher is finished…..

Some of you may recall from a few weeks ago that we have been pondering upon what gift we could make for Cupcake Princess’s teacher to mark the end of the year…and her leaving the school to emigrate to Australia.

In my previous blogs you will remember that I made some wallet prototypes and finally made one which I was fairly happy with.

I have been using the wallet for myself for carrying pens, receipts etc in when I’m working in the office. I have to say it has turned out to be one of my most useful makes and I will definitely be making more of them in the future.

Wallet - front

Wallet inside

Wallet outside

Unfortunately despite the wallet being very useful it has been discarded as an option for teacher. Cupcake Princess wants to make the gift herself and I felt that this was a bit too complicated for her at the moment.

In this months Sew magazine there was a pattern for a little pouch which I thought was within Cupcake Princess’s skills and she could construct herself.

Pouch pattern

Before she started work on it I made a quick one myself to test the pattern and I found it really quick and easy. I didn’t include the felt flower around the button for me as I didn’t find it necessary.

Cherry Pouch

Cherry pouch inside

Flattened out cherry pouch

Cupcake Princess liked the look of it and had a search through the fabric box for some suitable fabric. I bought some ‘Remix’ fabrics by Robert Kauffman from Fabric Rehab which she decided would be perfect for her teacher. The fabric was soon cut and construction started.

Constructing the pouch

Once the pouch was sewn it was time to select a button….

Choosing a button for the pouch

Finally she cut out a some felt flowers and I got on with sewing them on for her (the only bit I did other than cutting out the fabrics).

I think her finished pouch is really great. The ribbon for the fastening is a bit askew but other than that it is really good – especially when you consider she’s only 8 years old!

Heart Pouch

Inside the pouch

Opened out heart pouch



  1. Queen Mother says:

    Well done Princess!! The Queen Mother is very proud of you.

  2. Princess, that’s a great pouch, I especially like the polka dotted lining.

    I made one quite like it and I sewed the cord for the button with the ends an inch or so apart–so now I must wrap the cord around the button to hold it closed!! Silly me. Learning every time I sew some project is one of the best parts of crafting. Perhaps I should properly re-attach the cord?

  3. The wallet is delicious and the pouch is a wonderful gift. Teacher will be very happy.


  4. Wow!! These are fanatstic little pouches & wallet… I love the fabrics you guys have chosen 🙂

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