Getting the quilting bee blocks finished….

I had a bit of a panic during the week that I still had July quilting bee blocks to do but for the rest of this month I’m either away working or on holiday!!

Cupcake Princess went down to the park with her dad for an hour this afternoon so I got into a block making frenzy!

Fresh & Funky Quilting Bee

You may recall that for July I need to make two blocks – inspired by Material Obsessions The Burbs quilt – one lady and one house was required. I made my patchwork palace block a couple of weeks ago:

Patchwork Palace block

Today I have made my lady. There is a little bit of me in there – ginger hair and very white face and legs!!

Butterfly princess

I knew from the minute I opened my package that I was going to use the butterfly fabric as the background for the lady block – it’s gorgeous. I also used a few embellishments to make the dress really girly – which isn’t like me as I rarely wear dresses and when I do they aren’t very frilly.

Sew Buzzy

For Sew Buzzy I also needed to produce a wonky house block but for this one we were given a specific sky and grass fabric to use.

Wonky House

I couldn’t resist putting a little sheep grazing in the garden for a bit of English quirkiness. I’m not completely happy as I wanted to put a tree in the garden but I didn’t seem to have a enough sky fabric left to fit one in.

Check out an earlier post to see the various fabrics I had to work with for these two projects.



  1. These look great! I love that palace block.

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