Holiday bag finished

Back in April I bought an Amy Butler pattern for her Swing Bag. It has been sitting in my pattern box unused since then but I dug it out at the weekend to make myself a new bag to take on holiday.

Amy Butler Swing Bag Pattern

The next question was which fabric to use. I have lots of nice fabric but I needed three coordinating fabrics at least half a metre in size. I bought some great fabrics from Hawthorne Threads recently but didn’t have a specific project in mind for them….they are perfect for a bag because they are bright and summery with a bit of pattern to hide any marks. The fabrics were all from Michael Millers Woodland Delights collection. I love the birds and butterflies.

Michael Miller - Woodland Delight collection

Constructing the bag went fairly well. I did have one disaster when I stupidly sewed the two outer fabrics for the handles into one strap – doh! That then meant I couldn’t make the handles in the same fabric as the rest of the outside of the bag as I didn’t have any spare fabric. I used the zig zag coordinating fabric instead and to be honest it probably looks better than it would have done with the original handle.

Exterior of the Swing Bag

Interior of the Swing Bag

I am really pleased with the finished result. I have lots of coral coloured clothes as it is one of my favourite colours so the bag will be perfect. I didn’t make the big bow scarf as I thought it would be a bit over the top so I made a smaller scarf and have just tied it around the bag – I think it looks nice like that.

Finished swing bag with scarf


  1. Love how that turned out! Love the fabric too.

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