Thrifty Tuesday!

For the last couple of days I have been working on some thrifty projects.

The first thing I have been working on is a drawstring bag for the children to carry their bats, balls and other beach toys in when we go on holiday. I pieced together left over strips and squares of snorkel fabric from the quilt I made for my nephew earlier in the year.

I followed a pattern that I found in Sew What! Bags for a drawstring bag.

Sew what!Bags by Lexie Barnes

This book is really interesting because it gives you recipes for bags rather than distinct patterns. There are lots of ideas for bags with the ‘recipes’ and pictures of other alternatives that you could make.

I am really happy with the finished bag – it will be perfect for our hols – very beachy!

Snorkel bag

The second project we are starting is a quilt made from recycled boxer shorts! Every birthday, Christmas and Fathers Day my children give their dad boxer shorts. The children see it as a challenge to find really garish patterns for the boxers and some of the fabrics are really interesting. My husband has had a clear out of boxers with dodgy elastic but I think he felt guilty just throwing out all those gifts so he has suggested to Cupcake Princess that we make a quilt from them.

Pile of boxers ready for recycling

Cupcake princess spent last night cutting off all the waistbands and removing all the seams. We now have a pile of squares and rough triangles to make a quilt.

Cut up ready for our creativity

I’m not quite sure what to do with them but my current thought is that we make a crazy patchwork. The patterns don’t really have a common theme so it isn’t going to be easy on the eye but this is all about practicality rather than about aesthetics.

By the way I would just like to confirm that the boxer shorts have all been washed prior to the start of the project………..



  1. Queen Mother says:

    Would you like the Shed Kings green and pink flamingo boxers to be returned as well!!

  2. Well if the elastic has gone they could be added BUT we would have to check that the Patient King was happy to have someone else’s boxers in his quilt!!

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