Apron success – best to start with a pattern

Yesterday I talked about my apron disaster but today I can talk about an apron success! After my disastrous freestyle effort at making Cupcake Princess a new full length apron I realised that it might be best to start with a pattern….let someone else have all the disasters first!!

I looked through my magazine stash and books but there was nothing suitable…..I started an internet search but hadn’t managed to find anything…but whilst in John Lewis’s last Saturday I flicked through a children’s clothes book and found an ideal pattern. The pattern was for a tabard style apron where the back just went down to the waist and there were ties that pulled round to the front. The tying at the front would allow Cupcake Princess to tie it up herself – she does have a rather independent streak so being able to tie it herself would please her. The only problem with the pattern was that it was only for up to age 5 but I figured I could scale it up myself (yes, dangerous after my previous disaster but I was willing to try it out).

I picked up the book –

Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy

Apron pattern

We moved over to the fabrics and found some really nice Amy Butler fabric Lotus fabric being sold off. I love the Amy Butler fabric, it is a good weight and the brown colour would disguise any stains! Luckily Cupcake Princess thought it was great too so everyone was happy.

All the measuring, scaling up and fabric cutting was completed during the power cut last Sunday but sadly I didn’t have a chance to put it together until Friday. Overall it was really easy to make BUT the border around the neckline was a nightmare. I just don’t know how to attach the binding properly and there were no real instructions in the book – there was one diagram but I couldn’t work out how the diagram related to the finish in the picture. I improvised and managed to pull off something acceptable (which included adding some ribbon over the back of the border to hide my horrendous stitching!). I’m going to have to find out how I can bind a square ….I can go around a quilt very easily but don’t know how to go inside a square. If anyone knows please let me know.

Anyway, I am really happy with the finished product and may make some more for my nieces and nephews.

Apron opened out.

Apron as it should be worn

Now for the big test…would this work for Cupcake Princess – as I had to scale up the pattern I was a little concerned whether we were going to have another head hole disaster – Cupcake Princess has a large head circumference which often poses problems with hats and probably leads to the ‘too big for the shoulders’ head hole problem.

When CP got home from school I gave it to her with some trepidation but thankfully it was fine. It is a little loose around the head/shoulders but it is wearable and she has plenty of room for growth which was also important. CP is really happy with it so we have another project successfully completed!

Front of the tabard apron

Back of the tabard apron



  1. I like this. Think I may attempt to make one for my little girl!

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