Strawberry (and Raspberry) fields forever!

For me summer has only really started when it’s time to go strawberry picking! After the lovely weather we’ve had for the past few days we decided to pop down to Malt Kiln Farm Shop this morning and pick up some tasty fruits. As we suspected they were awash with delicious fruits and as it has been so dry there weren’t any rotten or mouldy fruits spoiling the picking. Here’s our delicious haul:

Berry Haul......

Few rhubarb stalks for the stewed fruit

We added some of our own rhubarb to the haul when we got home. We grew the rhubarb from seed last year and this is our first crop…we’re proud of how well its grown.

The gardener with her haul....

Now all we have to do is eat all the fruit up. Berries for tea, tasty muffins and stewed fruit for the freezer….delicious!!

Here’s how the family enjoyed themselves on the trip out:

Raspberry field......

Lots of delicious raspberries

Cupcake Princess doing some picking

Boys picking the strawbs

Prince of Rock eating more than he's picking!

Think we've got enough fruit now!

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