Apron disaster but a phoenix rises from the ashes!

I haven’t had much time for sewing this week as I have been really busy at work but I got a couple of hours to myself yesterday (thanks to an internet fault which meant I couldn’t log on to my work network!!).

A couple of weeks ago I made an apron for Cupcake princess as she wanted a proper full body apron as her one is getting a bit small. I didn’t have a pattern but I figured I could wing it. I found some leftover cupcake fabric from one of last years projects, some pink ric rac and a big piece of pink fabric that I bought months ago but hadn’t used yet. I thought it looked really good when I finished it and I was really pleased to show it to Cupcake Princess when she got home from school….unfortunately when she tried it on a there were a couple of design flaws revealed – flappy underarms and a rather large head hole!!

A few design flaws on show!

I tried seeing if some clever tying up would make the problems go away……

Loop the ties through the head hole to reduce it

Head is fixed but underarms still flappy

Drastic actions were called for – I kept getting the apron out of my bag and studying it to see whether I could do a salvage job but in the end there was only one real option….cut it in half and turn the bottom half into a half apron.

Yesterday afternoon after a few minutes the work was done…..

Now a two piece apron!!

I chopped the apron and hemmed the top of the half apron – nothing fancy, just a practical ‘helping with the cleaning’ apron – embellished with the obligatory cupcakes! Cupcake princess seems happy with it anyway…..

Finished and modelled by Cupcake Princess

Tomorrow I’ll show you the new tabbard apron that I made afterwards….this time I used a pattern so that a quality product could be guaranteed!!

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has disasters….i fact I have quite a few. What’s your worst sewing disaster? Did you manage to save anything from the disaster?


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