No power curtails the sewing…..

What a disaster…we have had a power cut for 8 hours today which has curtailed many of my sewing plans. I have spent some time planning a new project and spent a long time looking at my quilting bee fabrics.

I was half way though making the house block for my Fresh & Funky Quilting Bee when the power went but was able to finish it off this evening. We were told to make something that had a bit of us in it so we made a palace!! We put ourselves in the downstairs windows – Cupcake Princess on the left and me on the right with my red hair. The upstairs windows have our favourite owls in them….CP thinks they look like the stained glass windows that they have in palaces. We think it’s come out really well. What do you think? The colours haven’t come out great so I may try and get a better photo out in the garden tomorrow.

A patchwork palace with us in the windows!!

We have also been tinkering with the wonky star blocks that we blogged about earlier in the week. I had an idea of using ric rac to outline the white wonky star….I think it looks quite good. I have added some binding to make it a little mini  quilt to put on my sewing table/CP’s dinner table when it’s not in use.  The table is orange and red so I think it will look really good.

Wonky star mini quilt with some ric rac embellishment.

I would be interested to hear what other people think…does it look better with the ric rac on? I’m thinking of making a bigger quilt but some feedback would be useful before I embark on the project. I had some useful feedback on my post the other day suggesting the stars would naturally stand out more when more blocks are added and the yellow pieces from different blocks are joined up.



  1. keepitthimble says:

    I definitely like the rick rack. This is a fun idea and you could use different color rick-rack and fabric for each block.

    Now that I have a better idea of how you want the star to stand out, I take back what I said in my previous comment :). I think if you made the star parts yellow and the background white it would look really nice. The stars would definitely pop then, and they would seem like they are floating in the sky. It might be worth it to make another block to see how it looks.

  2. I definitely can see the star now, where I couldn’t see it at all before. But honestly the rickrack just doesn’t seem like it “goes” with the style of the quilt somehow.

    I would either switch the colors like the previous commenter stated…

    OR maybe make the star two-toned? Instead of using red rick-rack, use some red fabric on the outer parts of the star? Or even better — maybe red star points instead of the white at all??? that way they don’t blend into the white backgrounds of the other stars?!

    just thinking while I type!

  3. Your patchwork palace is really cute!

  4. I really like your wonky stars. While it looks great as is, if I were to improve it, I would tear out the ric rac, and switch the coloring (put the red where the orange is and the orange where the red is). That way you’ll get a sharp outline without the ric rac. Of course, it’s easy for me to say this, as it won’t be me doing the work! Good luck with whatever you decide.

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