Icecream Sundae….or should that be Saturday?

Today it has just been the girls at home. The Patient King is visiting his father in Edinburgh and the Prince of Rock has been off doing his Duke of Edinburgh camping and hiking challenge.

The Queen Mother and the Shed King have their other grandchildren – Princess Skipalot and Prince Kickalot – staying with them so we organised to meet up at our local park for a picnic and play time as it was a nice dry & hot day.

Cupcake Princess wanted to make a little present for her cousin and she spent last night looking through our pile of sewing magazines for potential projects. She decided that it would be good to make a Summer Ruffle Bag from June’s Sew Hip magazine. CP spent the rest of the evening trawling though my fabric stash looking for fabrics…and came up with some fabrics from Robert Kauffman that are covered in icecreams and polka dots. I think they are from the Confections and Groove ranges.

Last night was really hot here and I had such a restless nights sleep that I abandoned sleep at 6am and came downstairs to start work on my project. The fabrics were soon cut and stitching was underway but I wasn’t sure about the ruffles. The ruffles in the pattern were attached in an arch and the top ruffle had an edging of large beads. Firstly I thought the arched ruffles looked a little odd as they didn’t go to the edges and I didn’t have large beads for the top & actually they probably weren’t very practical if you wanted to use the bag regularly. As usual I ended up tweaking the pattern to be something more to my taste (and abilities) – I attached the ruffles horizontally and instead of the large beads I covered the top edge of the main ruffle with some coordinating ribbon. Personally I think my  design has resulted in a bag that is more practical for a little girl (the original was probably prettier though).

Icecream sundae bag

Icecream sundae bag - back

Flat icecream sundae bag

When the bag was finished I realised it was going to be far too big for a 5 year old…what was I going to do….I whipped up a quick little bag using all the off cuts – including left over unused straps.

Small icecream book bag

We had a really great day out – footie, skipping, bat & ball, bubbles and a walk through the nature reserve. Overall a great day out for everyone…and now we’re very tired.

Have a quick look at the photos….and spot some of our projects being put to good use!!

Icecream delivery.....

Princess Skipalot and Cupcake Princess doing some energetic skipping

Not sure this is the recognised technique.....

Shed kings, kids and ice creams!!

Bat and ball craziness

Bubble time

We're going on a bear hunt.........

Is it a jungle out there???

The Princess's with their icecream bags.....

The Queen Mother and Shed King with the Princess's and Prince!

Izzy Rabbit



  1. …love the bag, the ice cream fabric & ruffles match perfectly!!


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