Stars but no stripes…..

I’m working on some ideas for a new project. I bought a fabric bundle of Dill Blossom by Robert Kauffman from Fabric Rehab last week. I’m toying with the idea of a quilt of stars within stars. I made a sample of my block idea this evening which came out well in terms of the design but I’m not happy with how I used the fabrics…..I think the big star needs to be made from the yellow fabric and then I need to use white fabric as the background. Basically the big star doesn’t stand out well enough for me.

Dill Blossom Stars - idea 1

Back to the piecing board for me tomorrow!!



  1. keepitthimble says:

    Beautiful idea for a block! I’m not sure if you should reverse the white and yellow. When you put this all together as a quilt, the yellow will form a small cross and the white will really dominate with the star pattern. You could photocopy the block and then lay out 4 of them to see how the secondary design impacts how well you can see the stars – then make a final decision about the color.

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