Handing over the gift……

As the weather report for today was so good we decided to have a family day out at Shugborough Hall near Stafford. We had spotted that they had a special event on with vintage cars, vintage aircraft displays and horses so there would be plenty to keep the adults and children busy. The Queen Mother and Shed King came along too for half the day as they fancied a trip out.

There wasn’t quite as much to do as we expected but we still had a great time wandering around….the working horses were a particular highlight. After lunch we went for a walk around the lovely gardens where they has some really interesting sculptures on display.

On the sewing front we mentioned a few weeks ago that we had been working on a present for the Queen Mother. We finished it a little while ago but didn’t want to blog about it as it would spoil the surprise for QM. Today we were able to hand over the gift…..a picnic quilt. QM has been jealous of all our quilts and wanted one for herself…we bought some lovely fabrics from Fabric Rehab and Fabric Worm which we combined to make a really bright fruity quilt.

Cupcake Princess delivers the quilt......

The Queen Mother seemed very pleased with it……

Fruity Quilt - Front

Fruity Quilt - Back

The fabrics we used are from a mixture of collections. The large orange squares are from a fabric in Prince Charmings Rainbow collection – Baby Starburst Tangerine. The strawberry squares are Metro Market Strawberry. The rest of the fabrics came from mixture bundles that I have picked up. I think some of them are Riley Blake.

Cupcake Princess was worried about spilling things on it during the picnic ….so she sat on an old blanket!!!

Overall we had a really nice day out although I have a little bit of a sore face from sunburn despite wearing factor 50 suncream….the perils of of being pale, freckly with red hair!!!!

Below are some other piccies from our day just in case you fancy taking a look at horses, sculptures and gardens:

Prince of rock in trouble for coming out in his holey slippers!!

Suffolk Punch mother and baby

Shire Horse 1

Shire Horse 2

Shire Horse 2 with fertiliser spreader

Shire Horse pulling a brewery dray

Blue Roan Clydesdale

Hall and gardens

Deer sculpture

Heron Sculpture

Dragonfly Mosaic

Lizard Mosaic

Hanging Owl

Duck Feet

The Patchwork Palace family......

Chinese Pagoda House

Shed King packs up the new quilt


  1. Queen Mother says:

    It’s a great picnic rug that will get plenty of use this summer now we are retiring.

    It was also a great morning out that did a lot to lift my spirits!!

  2. What a lovely post and amazing things you saw! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day. The heavy horses are fantastic – I always love seeing them, they are such special animals.
    The picnic blanket is gorgeous, so bright and cheery. Juliex

    • My daughter loves all animals and is desperate for a pet but her daddy has said no. I love Shire Horses although we were giggling about the big strapping male horses having ribbons in their hair!! Glad you liked the picnic rug – I cant believe how many people have taken a look at it on Flickr…everyone must be in the same summer mood as me!

  4. I love the simplicity of the quilt and the choice of fabrics.

    • Thanks…..I love the metro market strawberries and I didn’t want to cut the fabric into really small pieces. I think I must be in a summer mood loving all those citrus colours!

  5. I love orange fabric!

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