Tombola Prizes……..and aprons!

Next week is Cupcake Princess’s school summer fete. Today the school has had a non-uniform day where each child needs to bring in a tombola prize.

I was away working earlier in the week but yesterday I had a panic about needing to have a prize for the tombola. When I finished work I made a little pinny out of some Amy Butler love fabric that I had left over from CP’s book bag…….it was a quick sewing project so I didn’t add any embellishments or do anything fancy. I thought it came out really well though and would be ideal for a little girl who wants to help her mummy around the house.

Amy Butler Love Childrens Apron (front)

Unfortunately I didn’t have a big enough piece of fabric for the back so I had to sew two pieces together.

Amy Butler Childrens Apron (back)

When CP came home from school I showed it to her and she did love it ……

Cupcake Princess modelling the love apron.....

BUT she then reminded me that this year each class has to bring in a prize in a specific colour theme and her class have to bring in blue or green prizes!! It was time for a rethink.

I didn’t want to spend hours working on another project so I fell back on items that I knew I could make up quickly…….

…….Coasters made from left over Garden Fresh fabric.

Garden Fresh Coasters

…….a simple book bag made from butterfly fabric (what you can’t see was that it was lined with some lovely bright blue flowery fabric).

Butterfly bag

When Cupcake Princess got up this morning she was really pleased with what I had knocked up….they met with her approval!!

Trying out the fete prizes

I had to tie a blue ribbon around the bag so that it met the blue theme and also to stop Cupcake Princess from taking the bag for herself!

Prizes all wrapped to go.....

Now I just have to stop my daughter from trying to win back the prizes next week….she has been known to come home from school events with prizes we have donated!!!



  1. too bad about the apron! I’m sure your cupcake princess didn’t mind though!

  2. I’m so envious of the time you get to spend making your lovely things. I am horribly time poor at the moment, it is very frustrating….

    • I have to make time early in the morning and late at night. The world cup is a godsend as the boys don’t complain as much about our sewing as they want to watch the footie!!

  3. I bet the CP had by far the coolest things for the tombola. You are a clever queen!

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