Present for the Queen Mother

The Queen Mother’s house is up for sale at the moment and as she is happy a bit of a stressful week we thought we’d make her some little goodies to sprinkle around the house for a bit of homemade charm. I wanted to make something that would blend into the colour scheme of the house and that is small so it can easily be packed away.

I used a charm pack of Amy Butler fabrics that I had in the cupboard and made some cute little coasters. There was very little cutting to do (just the wadding) and I used some really simple quilting.  It was great to have such a quick project to work on…. I like to have the opportunity to finish little projects whilst I’m also working on my big quilt projects.

Coaster Set 1

Coaster Set 2

A pile of coasters.....

We haven’t had a chance to give them to the Queen Mother yet but seeing them on here will hopefully make her happy with anticipation!!



  1. Queen Mother says:

    I’m all smiles!! Perhaps I’ll get a visit soon.

  2. very cool coasters

  3. ..they are great, you can’t beat Amy Butler to pep things up


  4. Very cute coasters. Great idea for a quick gift.

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