Present for daddy

As mentioned in earlier blogs Cupcake Princess made a special present for the Patient King for Fathers Day.

For her birthday she was given some fabric pens that can be used for drawing pictures onto fabrics so she thought she would use them to customise a t-shirt (as she knows daddy only wears t-shirts when he is at home as he has enough of shirt wearing at work). We picked up a couple of cheap plain t-shirts from H& M and she got on with her design.

Cupcake Princess proudly displays her design

Daddy loves rock music so the design seemed perfect. I convinced her to draw it on first just in case of any mistakes. I was dreading any slip of the pens but it all went well!

Last week we ordered some Cupcake Princess labels from Mommie Made It on Etsy.

The service we received was really good and the labels arrived quickly (with a little gift of a paper doll included which Cupcake Princess liked). We decided this would be the first project to bear her name…..

Cupcake Princess label

Daddy loved his gift and wore it all day……

Patient King in his Cupcake Princess creation



  1. Queen Mother says:

    Can’t wait to see Daddy wearing this!! Well done sweetheart!!

  2. Wonderful shirt! She should be very proud of her work.

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