What a Hoot! finished…..

I did it….finished my What a Hoot! quilt. If you were travelling along the M42 today you may have spotted a woman sitting in the front seat of a car sewing away ….yes that was me! I wasn’t driving….dont worry… it isn’t the easiest job fitting me and my quilt in there but I managed to do half the binding on the journey to and from Twycross Zoo.

I’m really pleased with how it has come out. I tried to get some nice photos of it when I finished late this afternoon but I’m afraid they’re not very good. The light was good but I have too many trees around the garden casting shadows onto the quilt. I’ll have to live with them as I’m not planning to cut my pear or apple trees down in the near future.

Finished What a Hoot....with a pear tree shadow!

What a hoot all finished

What a Hoot! - back

Whilst taking the photos I had a couple of assistants:

Assistant 1 was the Prince of Rock who was helping to hold the washing line up so that the quilt was straight….he was trying desperately not to be spotted in a sad photo of one of mummy’s quilts!!

Prince of Rock hiding his face from the photo

Assistant 2 was Cupcake Princess who seemed to think it would be ok to roll around on the quilt but that earned her the job of folding it and putting it away!!

Cupcake Princess lolling around on the quilt

Time to pack away......

Tomorrow I’ll share some piccies from our trip to Twycross and more importantly Cupcake Princess’s Fathers Day gift for daddy.



  1. Fantastic quilt – those owls are super cute and I love how you have added a few on the back too!!

    Love you work!


  2. That is SO cute well done. And well done to the CP on her first labelled garment I’m sure there will be MANY more!

    • Thanks…we love owls!! CP wants to sew all the time to use her labels but I am applying some restraint…daddys birthday is a couple of weeks away so maybe she can produce her second labelled project then.

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