Need to get some projects finished…..

I have decided that before I start anymore projects I need to finish at least one!!

This morning I pieced some more blocks for The ‘Burbs quilt:

Red Campion

Red Campion and her beautiful house


Forget-Me-Not and her extremely wonky house!!

This evening I have been finishing and starting off the binding for my What a Hoot lap quilt. I have already caught Cupcake Princess trying it out for size….it looks like I will be losing another one of my projects.

Unbound What a Hoot quilt

Close up of What a Hoot

Binding attached ready to finish tomorrow

I really do love this What a Hoot owl fabric. I wish I had more to use for other projects but everything I managed to buy has gone into the quilt.

Cupcake princess has been working on finishing off her Fathers Day present for the Patient King for tomorrow as well as making a birthday present for her cousin. She has started to write a post about what she has been up to so hopefully she’ll get a chance to finish it tomorrow for you all to see!



  1. Red campion and forget-me-not are so pretty. You have a real head start on the rest of us for Lynette’s blocks! Julie

  2. Forget me not and the wonky houses have inspired me on how to use some of my fabrics. Lovely


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