Mary Mary Quite Contrary……

How does your garden grow!

With all the football at the moment the sewing machine has been having a rest – I believe the sound of the sewing machine isn’t very conducive to football watching (although it seems to me that its quieter than all those horns!!). Instead I have been working on projects where I don’t need the machine. I’ve been drawing, fusing and sewing blocks for the Aunt Millie’s Garden quilt. I do love this quilt it is great fun sorting through finding the fabrics that go together. I’ve been able to use some off cuts from other recent projects to boost the fabrics available.

Block 2 is now ready for appliquing:

Aunt Millie's Garden - Block 2

I’m not completely sure that I like the way that it looks but I will go ahead with the applique and then make a decision. This is probably my least favourite block on the quilt so that may be the actual problem.

I have finished appliquing a block aswell. It has taken a little while but I’m happy with how it came out. As I’ve said before I always stick with good old blanket stitch which is probably a bit slow but it is something I’m comfortable with. I’m very envious of the people who can do invisible stitching…I’m just not happy with the results when I do it so I think its best to just make all the stitches visible by plan rather than poor sewmanship!

Block 12 appliqued

I tried to take a close up and they all came out a bit fuzzy but if you zoom in on this photo you can see my stitching.



  1. My goodness, I have never hand-appliqued! It scares me! The blocks are looking great!

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