Baa baa black sheep…..

A couple of weeks ago the Queen Mother asked me to make a bag to give to one of her friends when she retires shortly. I asked what kind of bag I should make and what do you think she said….wait for it….a sheep bag. Apparently her friend loves sheep so she thought it would be a perfect theme for a bag.

I also like sheep but I don’t have a large stash of sheep fabric at home! I did have one fat quarter of sheep fabric that I picked up from the Eternal Maker at the Festival of Quilts last year but that was it. I popped into the Cotton Patch last week to have a quick look at what sheep fabric they had – other than nursery fabrics the only one they had was covered in a very traditional sheep pattern. I was a little unsure about the pattern, perhaps it was sheep overload, but picked half a metre up with some coordinating green fabric to tone down the sheepyness.

I decided to make bags with both fabrics. First off I made a simple,  lined, little book bag with the fat quarter of sheep fabric that I had in the cupboard….I really like the fabric and I was generally happy about how the bag turned out but it was only really big enough for one book.

Sheepy book bag

Sheep Fabric

Next I knocked up a larger bag with the full on sheep fabric. I used some interfacing to stiffen the bag and included an interior pocket. Basically I didn’t really like the fabric very much but thought I would make the most of what I had.

Sheep Bag 2 - Exterior

Sheep Bag 2 - interior

I thought I would let the Queen Mother make a choice about which one her friend would like as it is a gift from her. During lunch at the pub earlier today I brought out the bags for selection…..

Sheep Bags

Which one do you think she chose……..the full on sheep bag!! Apparently this is exactly what she had in mind for her friend. Which would you have chosen?

Cupcake Princess is excited that we have the leftover bag ….I think we might have to ask  the Patient King to put some new hooks up for all our bags as they are starting to take over the living room!


  1. Queen Mother says:

    Ah but the choice was based on which I thought Paula would prefer and that was the full on sheep version!! I can see her now popping out to Sainsbury’s in her lunch hour with the bag on her arm!! She will love it, rest assured.

  2. What a good decision as it leaves you with the one you prefer! Julie

  3. I think both of them are super adorable – but I think I would have picked #2. 🙂

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