Move in day for a few more ladies in The ‘Burbs.

We have continued to work on getting more ladies and houses into The ‘Burbs. There is a good pile of potential residents piling up…….

Pile of houses and ladies....

All of the potential residents are labelled so that we don’t forget their names….labels courtesy of Cupcake Princess!!

I have had to gather together a whole range of fabrics for these blocks aswell as a range of embellishments for the ladies and their gardens (the next stage of the project). I have already used up some of the fabrics that I bought specially for the project…but I should have plenty left for the flowery border.

Materials for The 'Burbs quilt

The piecing isn’t particularly difficult but I do have a problem with making things wonky. My brain likes things to be ordered and therefore making things wonky goes against my natural inclination….I am trying to get some wonkiness into the newer blocks.  I think I will group all the very straight house in one part of the quilt and have the wonkier ones in another – it will look like a real town with the posh streets, the older cottagey streets etc. Anyway lets introduce you to the new ladies…..

Fifi...because she looks like she should have forget me nots......

Pansy with her very frilly apron!

Red Rose with her Tommy Cooper style hat!

Bluebell with her lovely apron and hat.....

Violet and her wonky country cottage.

Dahlia who is very neatly turned out.....

Dandelion with her beautiful outfit and big mansion

Elderflower with a large country house.....

As you may be able to see from the pile of blocks the Dandelion and Elderflower blocks are much bigger than the rest…..they will be the poshest ladies in the district.


  1. cornbreadandbeansquilting says:

    I can’t wait to see this quilt put together!! The blocks are adorable!

  2. These blocks are so cute! Love the fabrics you have used.

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