Move in day in The ‘Burbs…

As you may remember one of my many in progress projects is Material Obsessions, The ‘Burbs quilt. Today the ladies have been deciding which house/cottage should be theirs. Cupcake Princess has given each of the ladies a name as they get joined up with their houses…..they’re becoming our special little friends now. Once we have all our ladies and their houses we will have to make the little roads/paths and start work on the gardens…….so much fun to come !!!

Fern and her house.......

Oak and her fancy house......

Lilac in her best dress with her house.....

Daisy and her country cottage......

Daffodil in her best hat with her flowery country cottage.....

Finally, I love June as the flowers in the garden look so wonderful…I cant believe how many flowers there are on this bush this year!!

Flower crazy!!!



  1. You ladies have been BUSY!!! Unfortunately my husband is a lover of the world cup too but at least the times are all wrong so I get sleep ins while he watches the games before work! Love your Burbs!

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