England, England, England!!!!

The world cup has started……and tomorrow England get to start their campaign for football world domination. As usual as English people we are obliged to live the  dream and anticipate England’s non stop journey to the world cup final.

Unfortunately as usual we have this little thing to over come first……winning matches against other teams!!! If only the other teams would accept that we are the worlds best football team – maybe they wouldn’t try to beat us. It’s such a pain that people think that they are allowed to score goals against us!!

Joking aside the world cup month is not my favourite time as it involves the male members of the house being football obsessed and all activities will need to be scheduled around the football. My husband is Scottish and he has indoctrinated the anti-England football view into our son so they we will be supporting all teams playing England and therefore there will be some lively banter as I do support England!

Anyway, in preparation for the football campaign I have made us a suitably patriotic shopping bag to show our support for the team.

England shopping bag

We will be carrying it proudly around the shops tomorrow. When I go out with my husband I will have to show the other side or else he will disown us…..

Reverse of the England bag

Cupcake Princess has informed me that the bag will go in our collection….I suspect that means she wants to use this one too…..I’m starting to think she’s trying to take over my bag collection!!!

Modelling the England bag....



  1. Come on England !
    My kids father is American so Rachel is torn between supporting England and America tonight. I think she’ll go with whoever wins…lol!

  2. John is English and generally supports England for everything (which I do too unless they are playing Scotland – and for some reason he supports Wales when it comest to rugby!). But this year he really wants South Africa or another African country to win – just because it would give the whole continent such a lift to have one of their teams do well. At the moment my kids are supporting England too but I suspect they may come under some pressure are school not to. If not this year, definitely in 4 years time. Juliex P.S. I love your bag.

  3. Queen Mother says:

    Shouldn’t the Patchwork Queen support Aussie?? There should be a United Nations team then we would all be happy!! Ooops that would not suit aliens though.

    I only wish is that my grandson would support England just once to keep his Nanna Sav happy.

    Back to basics I do like the bag though.

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