Cupcake Princess gets busy…..

Tonight Cupcake Princess is writing our blog…she’s been busy working on her own project for the evening!!

When I got home from school my mom said I could make a table mat.I thought the Ice cream fabric was cool because I love Ice cream and they look tasty.

I did the stitching and funky quilting myself.I thought it was quite easy – i had to make sure that the machine didn’t go too fast or my stitches went a bit wonky.

Starting off....

Concentrate to keep the stitches in line....

Getting to the end......

Mummy helped me by sewing on the fabric round the outside as i’m not very good at hand stitching yet.

All stitched up......

I think it is very pretty and I’m going to use it every day. I might make some of these mats for my cousins.

Icecream mat all finished......

Time for bed now. Cupcake Princess



  1. what fabulous work Princess! great job.

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