Finishing projects…..

We’ve been quiet for the last couple of days but we have been working on completing projects!!

You may recall the owl quilt top that I pieced a couple of weeks ago….well we are planning get it finished this week.

Last night we layered it ready for quilting:

Owls layered up......ready to quilt

Today I have started the quilting….decided to try out something a bit more complicated than I am used to so I’ll have to see how I get on:

Colour block with triangle quilting.

Outlining the owl squares

Back of a colour block square

(Try and ignore some of the slightly dodgy stitching…trying to work out how to stop getting some of the thread from the front showing)

We received our giveaway from the Green Bag Lady today. She is doing such a fab job of trying to get the fabric bag revolution going so that we ditch all those environmentally unfriendly plastic bags. Cupcake princess loves the bag….we also have an unpieced bag that we need to construct and pass on to a friend.

Green Bag Lady Giveaway

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