Back to school project finished….

The children go back to school tomorrow and I have spent a couple of hours this afternoon making a new book bag for Cupcake Princess.

I bought a Heather Bailey pattern called ‘Smarty Girl Book Bag’ from Piper’s Girls etsy shop. When Cupcake Princess saw it she instantly wanted me to make one for her to use at school. She has had the current one for 4 years and it is very dog eared….it is also very boring and conservative.

Cupcake Princess’s school colour is burgundy so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to buy the dark red version of Amy Butlers Love fabric…..I don’t need much of an excuse to buy it and Cupcake Princess really likes it too!

The piecing was fairly straightforward and not too difficult. It was a bit fiddly making the ruffles but not hard.

Cut ready for construction

I decided to use interfacing in the construction which was recommended in the pattern but not mandatory. I made a couple of other updates – 1) I added an extra row of stitching to the strap which was practical to strengthen the strap but also decorative, 2) I did an extra row of stitching along the tip edge of the bag as it neatened off the seam and again adds strength.

I think the finished bag looks really great….to be honest better than I expected.

Smarty Girl Book Bag

Smarty Girl Close Up

The recipient is very pleased and is looking forward to showing it to her friends in the morning!!

Smarty Girl with her book bag!!!



  1. What a cute looking bag – Princess Cupcake is most blessed!

  2. grwhryrpltd says:

    cute bag indeed… ruffles and all!

  3. that is lovely.

    you should sell those on Folksy…


  4. The bag is lovely, and the colours are brilliant. Your little girl looks so pretty and happy. Juliex

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