First Sew Buzzy blocks + Visit to Hidcote

I recently joined a couple of online quilting groups. Tonight I finished the first blocks for the Sew Buzzy bee.

The theme was wonky stars and AntiqueRose provided us all with 30’s repro fabrics to produce 1 x 12.5 inch block or 2 x 6.5 inch block. I received a package of pale blue fabrics and a request for 1 x 12.5 inch block.

You will have seen my earlier posts about practicing for producing these stars and on the whole I am happy with the final blocks (even managed to make them 12.5 inches!!). The piecing isn’t perfect but hopefully AntiqueRose will be happy with them. I produced a second block with a piece of the fabric provided plus a piece of kitten covered blue fabric from my own stash….hope she likes it!!!

Wonky Star 1

Wonky Star 2 - Using kitten fabric

Today we had a day out to Hidcote Gardens. It wasn’t as beautiful a day as yesterday but it was still reasonably warm and sunny. The National Trust gardens at Hidcote are just so beautiful. We normally visit them once or twice over the summer but this is my favourite time of year when the flowers are just coming out and the leaves have a really vibrant green colour as they are so newly sprouted.

A few photos from the trip…taken before my camera batteries ran out!! The wonky stars quilt had its first outing as a picnic rug. We discovered that the scottie dog bag is the perfect size to carry the rug and the kids toys.

Chilling on the wonky stars......

Wonky stars and scottie dog bag.....

Beautiful wisteria......

Water Lillies

Beautiful princess in the wisteria......

Chasing bubbles......

Flower borders...beautiful greens.

Free veggie seeds for the kids....



  1. I love the outline quilting of the stars.

  2. I really really need to make myself a wonky star quilt — they just always look so awesome!

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